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Premkumar Sriram

In today’s world, if a company has not considered eCommerce as a strategic distribution channel, then their existence in the future is highly questionable. Online sales have accounted for more than 21% in 2020, compared to 16% in the previous year. Online sales have doubled every 5–6 years and continue to grow in the future. The retail industry has benefited significantly through online sales in the last decade, but most of the CPG manufactures are caught in the dilemma of channel cannibalization and differentiation.

The biggest interest for CPG in online sales is not the sales revenue but importantly the…

Marketing Consumer Platforms — CDP, CRM, DMP and CXM

If you are working in the marketing business, then surely you would have these terms — CDP, DMP, CRM, and CXM. In some way, they are deal with the consumer data and intend to increase the digital experience through personalization, targeting, and build the consumer lifetime value. Many companies are adopting technology platforms to implement these capabilities in the enterprise. Though there are overlapping capabilities, it is critical to understand the uniqueness and how they can work with each other.

Social Commerce is more than opening stores on social platforms. It has the potential to influence the purchase decisions of the customers and make it easy to complete the transaction. Social platforms are playing an important role in connecting people with a common interest. Brands need to tap into this opportunity to promote and sell the relevant products for those groups with a touch of an emotional element.

Taking a moment to reflect on the retail industry

Retail has always been closer to consumers compared to any other industry. In the early 18th century, mom-and-pop stores were predominate in the developed countries. Later, these stores evolved into departmental stores…

With Increasing adoption of the AWS cloud storage for document sharing, asset storage, file transfer between the partners, and many more. One of the challenges of using the S3 bucket is that not very flexible like the traditional SFTP or FTPs protocols, which are standard integration patterns for a lot of the products and platforms. S3 used to support only the APIs and Programmatic interfaces to access the files in the cloud storage.

AWS resolved this limitation by introducing the AWS Transfer family solution, which was initially called as S3 SFTP Gateway. It is an SFTP or FTP gateway for…

In Today’s context, the enterprise has to deal with the challenges of governing the hybrid and poly cloud ecosystem. The cloud technology has enabled the IT software providers to offer a different variety of hosting and business models for consumption.

The key components of the technology,

Fig 1 — Application Stack

Applications: Solutions to a specific business problem and targeted users (Ex: Mail, Salesforce automation, Online websites, and banking mobile apps)

Platforms: A solution for a common problem that provides the reusable components and services that can be leveraged (Ex: SharePoint, Big data and Low code platforms)

Runtime: Machine independent programming and execution environment which provides API to access the basic…

Azure front door provides comprehensive tools for managing the load balancing between the different back-end services, along with integrated web application firewall policies, session affinity, and most importantly the content delivery acceleration. In simple terms, the Azure front door provides everything a web site to be secured, faster, and efficient.

Front end (multi domain\sites)

Azure front door can manage multiple domains (multiple websites) in a single instance, which is comparatively cost-efficient. It comes from one default domain <instance name> and additional custom domains can be added & configured as a CNAME to the default domain.

TLS \ SSL Offloading

Whatsapp Commerce — Taking Personalization to mass customization
One of the key challenges that most of the eCommerce providers facing today is the personalized experience for the consumers. It is just not about providing an online experience based on consumer interest, but it has to be truly personal. Also, not every small business can afford a rich online channel which is expensive.

In the study published by Facebook, the answer to the personalized shopping experience is through conversational messaging. 58% of consumers globally prefer convenience over price while shopping. …

Microsoft has invested a lot into the Power Apps platform in the last few years and it has been paying off well among the business communities. The platform has been constantly evolving at a rapid phase with a lot of new functionalities being announced & rolled out by the Microsoft product team.

AI Builder is one of its kind, that brings required the tools & capabilities to leverage the artificial intelligence on the day to day business problems.
I truly believe that is the significant achievement by the Microsoft product managers to make the AI simple and accessible. …

Premkumar Sriram

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